Dinner BellMaking Time (and Birds) Stand Still


Though the Rolling Stones sang that it was on our side, when it comes to bird feeding, time seems to come up short, especially the amount of time birds stay at our feeders.

Or at least that’s how it used to be….

Made of different combinations of tightly packed ingredients, our exclusively-formulated Bird Food Cylinders tend to keep birds at the feeders longer because they have to work to remove seeds. So instead of birds swooping in, grabbing a bite and taking off, Bird Food Cylinders give you a few extra moments of enjoyment.

Also, Bird Food Cylinders last longer and allow you to refill your feeders less often.

We offer several Bird Food Cylinder flavors and sizes. The different Bird Food Cylinder ingredients attract more birds and meet their different needs.

We have several feeders that you can use to offer Bird Food Cylinders, including our Dinner Bell™ Feeder, Cylinder Feeder and Suet Cylinder Feeder.

Bird Food Cylinders are great for every day use, and they’re wonderful vacation foods, too. Going away for a few days and want to continue feeding the birds at your home? Want a simple way to attract birds while you’re vacationing at a camp site? Bird Food Cylinders can easily do both.

Visit us soon to learn more about our Bird Food Cylinders and how you can have more time with the birds at your feeders.