The Kids Are Home from School? Introduce Them to Birding!

Bird-feeding station - get kids interested in nature and birds

If you're a parent with children at home due to the Beaufort County school closures and are wondering about things for your kids to do, we've got an idea: Introduce them to bird watching!

Kids are naturally curious about birds and nature, and bird watching can foster an interest in science that will pay dividends academically. Plus, bird watching is a fun and relaxing hobby that can last a lifetime and be a great way to make new friends, wherever you are.

Best of all, you can get started for free -- all you need is your eyes and ears (and maybe a field guide or app to help you ID the birds). Then when you are ready to up your game, stop by Wild Birds Unlimited of Hilton Head and let us show you how to create a bird feeding station with our Advanced Pole System, top quality feeders, and the best seed blends that attract our Lowcountry songbirds all year long.