Opticron Binoculars and Other Optics

Watching birds is fun, and being able to see their behavior and beauty up close is even better! That's why having a good pair of binoculars or a spotting scope can make birding even more enjoyable. After a lot of research and product testing, we're excited to offer a selection of award-winning optics from Opticron, including the new MMS 160 Travelscope with digital image stabilization and the super-affordable Adventurer II WP spotting scope.

Trailfinder II 10x25 Green Monocular

Palm sized and protected in green rubber armour, the TII Trailfinder 10x25 offers genuine quality and value for anyone interested in owning and using a pocket monocular while out walking or hiking. Long eye relief and a wide field of view combine with slide bar focusing for easy one hand operation.

Adventurer 8x21 Compact Binocular

Adventurer roof prism pocket binoculars offer the first-time and casual user of optics terrific quality and value for money. Suitable for backyard birdwatching, taking on vacation or keeping in the glove box of the car, the models feature fully coated optics for brightness with good eye relief for spectacle wearers. Fully rubber armoured for comfort and grip.


Savanna WP 6x30 Binoculars

Even though the magnification power of the Savanna WP is only 6x, the porro prism design offers a brighter, more three-dimensional image than can be obtained from under $150 roof prism designs. It's a good trade off for birders who have less steady hands and prefer the old-school look and feel.

With a minimum IPD* of 50mm, the Savanna WP can be used by children aged 7+ without fear of eye strain. And with a weight of only 17.6 ounces — these go easily into a backpack or sling bag.

*IPD = Interpupillary Distance (the distance between the center of the pupils of the two eyes)

Oregon 4 LE WP 8x32 Binoculars

Top pick in a Cornell Labs review. Nice, bright image. Sturdy. Waterproof. 

In its class, the Oregon 4 LE WP 8x32mm really can't be beat — a top pick in a Cornell Labs review and recommended by BirdWatching magazine. The Oregon's smaller size is ideal for kids, but works well for adults due to the sturdy feel.

Even if you upgrade in the future, you'll be sure to keep these around as a trusty backup for locating that Prothonotary Warbler bouncing around the branches at the wildlife refuge.

Minimum IPD is 58mm.

*IPD = Interpupillary Distance (the distance between the center of the pupils of the two eyes)


Discovery WP PC 8x32, 8x42, 10x50 Binoculars

Compact and lightweight. Waterproof. Durable. Roof prism design. Three versions great for sea/distance, birding, observing butterflies and more.

The three versions of the Discovery WP PC that we carry really hit the sweet spot for value and high-quality optics in a compact package. These are some of the smallest waterproof roof prism style binoculars available.

Discovery WP PC 10x50

The 10x50mm version offers high magnification for sea/distance viewing, with the larger 50mm objective lens letting in more light to keep images bright — great for dolphin or whale watching at the beach, or on a boat. Smallest/most compact 10x50 on the market.

Discovery WP PC 8x42

These 8x42mm binoculars produce a very bright image, and can close focus to 4.9 ft. The combination of large eye lenses and ability to go down to an IPD* of 53mm makes these comfortable for both children and adults.

Discovery WP PC 8x32

The 8x32mm version offers a crisp, clear image and close focus to 3.9 ft! If you like to watch butterflies and dragonflies as well as birds, these are the compact binoculars for you! Both adults and children will find these comfortable to use due to an IPD* that can go down to 52mm.

*IPD = Interpupillary Distance (the distance between the center of the pupils of the two eyes)


Ultra-compact roof prism optical design finished in natural rubber armor; Nitrogen waterproof construction; Wide-angle fully multi-coated optical system + PC phase corrected prisms; Lightweight polycarbonate body; Long eye relief for eyeglass wearers; Twist type retractable eyecups; Very close focus.

Adventurer II WP 15-45x60 Spotting Scope

Compact. Lightweight. 15-45x zoom integrated eyepiece. Perfect beginner spotting scope — nothing extra to buy!

The Adventurer II WP is the perfect entry-level spotting scope for birders and other nature lovers. The 15-45x integrated eyepiece and 60mm objective lens makes it much easier to watch bird behaviors at a distance — hawks feeding on prey, nesting baby birds and more!  Mounts to any standard photo tripod. Customers in our store have been impressed by how much light this inexpensive scope brings in and the crispness of the images. 


Compact 60mm lens design; Fully multi-coated optics; Lightweight ABS plastic and alloy body; Fully protected in textured rubber armor; Nitrogen waterproof; Integrated objective lens hood and protective cover; +/- 90˚ rotating tripod sleeve; Supplied with integrated 15-45x eyepiece.


MMS 160mm Travelscope

Lightweight. Up to 24x magnification. Digital image stabilization. IPX-5 weatherproof. Great for birding, dolphin watching and more!

We realized right away when we were testing the new MMS 160 image-stabilized Travelscope that it would be perfect for Lowcountry birders and outdoor adventurers who don't feel like lugging around a tripod and spotting scope — but want a stable image with more magnification than binoculars can provide.

As you already know from using a digital camera without a tripod, the farther away the object you are viewing, the harder it is to keep the image steady. The MMS 160 cancels out image shake caused by tremor at a zoom level of 10x or higher. The result is a stable, clear view of that rare warbler (or strand-feeding dolphin pod) from a scope that fits in the palm of your hand.

The MMS 160 can be fitted with a wide range of Opticron SDL, HDF and HR2/3 eyepieces. We keep in stock the HR3 eyepiece which can also be used with other Opticron spotting scopes.

MMS 160 travelscope in use

Stop by the store and let us show you how it works!


160mm lens; Patented image-stabilization technology;8-24x zoom; Fully multi-coated optical system; Fully protected in soft touch textured rubber armor; IPX-5 weatherproof; Rubber objective lens cover; Fully compatible with Opticron SDL, HDF & HR2/3 eyepieces