Add Some Fire to Your Feeders

Try Our Fiery Feast™ Seed Blend and SunFire™ Chips

Feed the Birds, Not the Squirrels

We know you enjoy feeding your backyard birds, but sometimes those pesky squirrels and other critters can put a damper on things. That's why we offer a variety of hot pepper bird foods, including Fiery Feast™ and SunFire™ Chips, available exclusively at Wild Birds Unlimited. They're both a mix of hot pepper and shell-less seeds so it's also a no-mess way to feed the birds. Birds are unable to sense the heat of capsaicin (the ingredient that makes peppers taste hot), but mammals like squirrels, raccoons, and deer sure can!

Fiery Feast features peanuts and sunflower seeds, all out of the shell, to attract the widest variety of songbirds.

SunFire chips are 100% shelled sunflower seeds, perfect for backyard favorites like chickadees, titmice, cardinals, and more.

Pound for pound, our no-mess blends are the best value because you don't pay for uneaten seed waste. And with hot pepper included, the critters will say "no thanks!" while the birds have a banquet. 

Shop our store to learn how our hot pepper bird seed can help keep the critters away from your bird feeders. And how you can attract more beautiful birds to your backyard.